Inventory Release Notes

Search Catalog

With the search catalog, you can view a user-friendly list of your inventory items and products within the job menu, as well as add them directly from the catalog to tickets. Here’s how to utilize the search catalog feature within your ServiceWorks account:

To begin, create a new job or open an existing one, and scroll to the Products section

In the product panel, click the Search Catalog button

In the Search Catalog popup, you’ll be able to search for items within your ServiceWorks system based on their Name, Item Number, Description, Product Family, Product Detail, Or Serialization. When you’re satisfied with your search criteria entries, click Search to view a list of items matching the requirements.

When an item or product matches the criterial, it will appear in the list underneath the search fields. You’ll be able to view the Item Number, Description, Brand, Quantity on Hand, and Price as well as any associated pictures with the item. Click Add to add individual items from the catalog onto the ticket.

Once you have finished adding your items to the catalog, exit using the X icon at the top of the menu or the Cancel button to return to the job ticket

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