Service Overview Dashboard

Introducing the Service Overview, our new take on our existing Dashboard feature! Let’s take a look at what you can expect to see when using the ServiceWorks software:

  1. Time Period – Use this dropdown box to select the date range to generate the information from. By default, it is set to pull info from the last 30 days
  2. Customer – This field currently shows how many new customers have been serviced over the designated date range. Will also display the number in percentage versus the previous time periods
  3. Estimation – This field shows the total amounts of new estimated, pending estimates, and approved estimates within the designated time frame
  4. Job – This field will show how many jobs have been scheduled, completed, cancelled or unassigned within the designated time frame
  5. Invoice – In this field, you can see the total amounts of invoices paid, unpaid and cancelled during the designated time frame. (Note: This will only account for jobs with the “Completed/Delivered” status)

Stay tuned for more updates to this section as we work on improving the ServiceWorks customer experience!


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