Form Boxes – Where did they go?

If you have been using ServiceWorks at all, you are probably familiar with our jobs page and its layout of the forms boxes.

You are going along filling out the job page and now you want to add a form or a survey to the job you just go to the right to find the appropriate box for the form type and add the form, but wait……

Where have the boxes gone?

We are doing small changes to our design to make ServiceWorks quicker and sleeker for you. If your company does not use forms why take up space showing boxes you don’t need. In the upper right corner of the job page, you will see some new icons

If you are currently not using forms and would like to know more we have a blog here to let you know a little more about them and here to help you set them up

Hovering over these icons will identify the icon.

  • Forms Icon
  • Survey Icon
  • Library Icon (package dependent – allows for storage of pdf, word documents, etc, that you would want to email out to your customers)

Clicking the appropriate icon will open the selection window and allow you to select your forms

When the forms have been selected and the “Select” button is clicked in the Search and Select Form box shown above

You will see the form boxes are back in place just as they were.

If you have any questions, ServiceWorks Support Staff can be reached by chat from you web browser or by phone 636-220-4363.