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Automated commission tracking

You may have tracked the commission manually in an excel sheet but now there is s smart way to reward the hard work employees are putting in and track the commission for multiple employees in ServiceWorks.

Basic Commission Structure

There are three ways you can setup the commission structure or any combination of the 4 types.

  1. Hourly Rate: You can define hourly rate for your employee and that would be part of the commission
  2. Job Percentage: You can define what percent of the total job cost would be the commission
  3. Fixed Price: You can also define a fixed price.
  4. Mileage: You can pay the employee for mileage as well

Simple Commission

Imagine that you have an employee called John. John’s hourly rate is $15/hr. You also want to pay him 30% of the job.

Now if you have a job of $200. John took 2 hours to complete the job. So John would get a commission of 15 X 2 + 200 X 0.30 = $90. And you don’t really have to do anything for this in ServiceWorks other than just setup the basic structure in the Company User screen and Complete the job.

Note: The jobs that are not in Complete state will not be visible in the commission grid.

Commission with Mileage

You have an employee Mary who you pay for hourly price, percentage commission and also mileage. In this situation you will just have to put the miles traveled and mileage charge in the job. If you are using the mobile app then you don’t even have to put the miles traveled as that will auto calculate.

Update Commission

You need to have a different pay structure than what you set up to pay Mary at her regular price. What do you do? Don’t worry, all the commission data can be adjusted and updated in the commission page.

You can update the Invoice Amount, Hourly rate, Percentage and Fixed Price, Miles traveled and charges amount in the Commission without impacting the original job.

You just check to include the relevant values in the commission and you are done.

Add Commission for Multiple Professional

By default the pros associated with the job will show up in the commission grid. But you can add additional people in this commision, just by clicking Add Employee Commission.

Search Commission

You can search the commission by date range, Invoice Number, Employee name or just by their role. This gives you the ability to filter the result to smaller subset so that you can focus better.

Avoid costly over-payments and improve team morale with accurate, timely reports. 

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