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Support for Cloud Enterprise Platforms

From customer relationship management to payroll, from inventory to business process optimization, from customer service to long-term growth, businesses are taking advantage of cutting-edge technology to make the grade and chart the best course forward.

However, these platforms are only as good as the support that’s behind them. How does this work? Take a look at some of the bigger aspects of effectively supporting a vendor platform, and you’ll see how your business can benefit from one of these strategic partnerships.

The Power of an Intuitive Interface

First of all, for an effective enterprise cloud platform, the tools have to be prominent and easy to access. There has to be a certain organizational structure laid out in this ‘digital world.’ People who are using these resources have to know where to find them. So if there are hidden in nested menus, and not easy to figure out, that’s a problem. It adds to the learning curve for the technology, and in worst case scenarios, it can actually have a depressing impact on productivity.

On the other hand, when the interface is designed with the user in mind, it’s often easy for companies to get one of these platforms in place and hit the warp speed button to easily enhance what they do on a regular basis. That’s why we’ve designed our ServiceWorks systems deliberately, with our clients in mind.

Responsive Teams

When there’s an emergency or a client needs help with troubleshooting, somebody has to be there on the other end of the line. Some of the biggest problems in platform support happen when clients encounter logistical problems in real time, and everyone on the vendor side is just AWOL. Even when support is not 24-7– and it should be as close to 24-7 as possible – just knowing that help is on the way is a big plus when it comes to vendor administration of technologies for business.

Actionable Technology

This is one that some analysts and engineers don’t talk about quite as much. We know that you should have a good intuitive interface and point people to support the platform, but what about actionable technologies?

In other words, if the program is built well, it actually helps optimize the business processes that are most important for profit and revenue. But what if the dashboard has a lot of tools and resources that look neat, but aren’t very useful in a directly relevant way?

That’s another thing that you always have to assess with vendor technology. What pain points and problems is it actually going to help me solve?

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