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Four Key Aspects of Unified Cloud Platforms

At ServiceWorks, we are pioneering the use of a single unified and consolidated enterprise platform for our client base. Over 1100 companies have chosen to go with our complete ERP cloud-native system – but why?

Here are four of the major things that we assist companies with, through offering a cloud platform that’s thoughtfully oriented towards best practices and actionable innovation.

Payroll and Accounting

Labor is one of the biggest costs for many businesses, and payroll is one of the trickier aspects of administrating that business. 

Obviously, your payroll is built on individual contracts between the company and an employee. There are numerous bells and whistles and moving parts to handle throughout an annual financial cycle. There are changes to keep up with, too – in taxation, employment law, and more. Our cloud platform makes it easy to track and distribute payroll to keep your business running smoothly.


Seasoned managers know how important it is to keep a handle on inventory for any type of product or retail business. Inventory costs are going to determine the bottom line for the business, and those will in turn depend on things like timely ordering and organized storage.

Our platform takes into account innovations like just-in-time inventory and lean inventory models to help companies to succeed in this challenging part of their business process.

Tracking Service Work

For service companies, being able to evaluate how staff move in the field is paramount. Our system allows this kind of overall birds-eye monitoring and observation in order to help chart the best path forward for the business.

Asset Tracking

As mentioned above, the inventory is important, but what about assets like equipment and items that the business uses to run its processes day to day? This platform also offers tracking details for those pieces of business logistics that are so much a part of your enterprise function.

We have all of this, CRM tools and more, integrated into a cloud platform that works for your business in a customized way. Ask us about what we can do for your business, including point of sale, inventory and integration features and more – it’s a lot! We’ll get you the demo resources to do the research and look at getting new implementations in-house for 2021 and beyond. These days, it gets harder and harder for companies to compete, but one of these central systems can really drive efficiencies and help your firm to thrive.