ServiceWorks brings 80 new Software Features in 2020

Features related to Schedule, Instant Booking, Customer A/R, Statements were released with more customization for you.

The 2020 was hard for every business. In ServiceWorks we are committed to keep our platform alive and afresh with new features and enhancements. 2020 was no different. Our team was dedicated and was able to deliver 80 features to make your business operation smoother.

We continuously listen to our customers and they help us understand what is important for their business. 2020 was great in spite of the pandemic. We want to introduce more usable features and make it more customizable in 2021.

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  1. Auto Process Invoice
  2. Automated Appointment Reminders
  3. Project Management Board
  4. 2 way QB Sync


  1. Custom Field in Online Booking
  2. Credit Card Processing Fee
  3. Job Template


  1. Customized Print Ticket Template
  2. Customer Signature in Invoice
  3. International Tax
  4. Custom Field in Customer
  5. Including Chart of Accounts for Service Item and Inventory Items


  1. Statements Enhancement
  2. Custom Job Status
  3. Customized POS Estimation
  4. New SW Feature Notification
  5. Description Field in POS
  6. Editable Reference Number in Purchase Order
  7. Schedule Board display by Zone
  8. Ability to modify payment


  1. Permanent Deletion of Job
  2. Customer Portal
  3. Printable Receipt of Payment
  4. Invoice Enhancements
  5. Introducing Bill To Customer as Parent
  6. Adding description for Other Charges
  7. Email Template for Job Cancellation


  1. Pre Prep Check List before job
  2. Elaborate Job detail from schedule board
  3. Distance and Duration in Map
  4. Clone an Estimate
  5. Auto Refresh Schedule Board
  6. Add Filter on PO Screen
  7. Show City on Schedule Board
  8. Show Sell Date on POS Invoice
  9. Dynamic values in the eBlast
  10. UOM in the Invoice


  1. Show Note in Print Ticket Template
  2. Product to Customer Association
  3. Account Outstanding Balance Report
  4. Partial Tax Application on Service Items
  5. Configuring Instant Booking for enabling live chat
  6. Display Identification Number of Product in Invoice
  7. Introduce new address type called Pick Up Address


  1. Revamp POS page
  2. Clone Button in Job Page
  3. Payment Gateway control to enable processing on app or web
  4. Ability to delete a schedule from a job
  5. Show the user’s name who created the ticket be an option for the print ticket template
  6. Show Payment History of customers
  7. Custom color of job status on schedule board
  8. Prompt user when changing customer info


  1. Make primary product selectable
  2. Add COD as payment type in POS
  3. Void Payment
  4. Elaborate Job Totals on Job page
  5. Ticket status in Item Needed page
  6. Performance improvement of Job page
  7. Google Translator
  8. Customized Dashboard visibility wizard
  9. Ability to use multiple taxes on invoice


  1. Added Trip status in Mobile app
  2. Claimable Product in Mobile App
  3. Model Search in Mobile App
  4. Online Task management
  5. Ability to add service address from customer portal
  6. Content Section in Customer
  7. Ability to Apply Credit to another invoice


  1. Edit Discount on POS
  2. Widget for Task on the Service Dashboard
  3. Employee Commission
  4. Never Ending Recurring Jobs
  5. Controlled Notification to employees and customers


  1. Job Creation notification from customer portal
  2. Search by Account # in All Jobs page
  3. Search in Customer page will not reset after every action
  4. Configuration to hide the Credit in Customer Portal
  5. Ability to download job forms of multiple jobs
  6. Ability to Search Job or POS from the header
  7. QB Desktop Integration view of run history