Features Tutorial

Product Management

ServiceWorks offers you a robust Product management capability. The product are the things that you intend to use for servicing or rent and not for sell. This could be refrigerator in customer’s house, or equipment you rent to customers.

Associate product to a Customer

Go to Product View (service.works)

Create New Product. Enter customer detail and the product detail. When you save this page, this product is associated with this customer.

Following is a customer product association.

When you create a new job you can select Product from the mapped product for this customer.

Click the three dots and select Use to include this product in the current job. All the details of this associated Product will auto populate in the product without you having to enter again.

If a customer has multiple product associated you can chose which product you want to use.

This association between product and customer is established when you create a job and add a new product from the job page as well. This associated product is available in the Product page.

Service Product or Equipment

For repeat customers where you service certain equipment, you can see the full history of your service from the product page. You can click the job number to directly go to the job and see information about that job.

Rent Product or Equipment

  • You created a new Product A and associated it with Customer 1.
  • This is the product you rented it to customer for 3 months.
  • After 3 months the customer returns the equipment.

You can reuse this same equipment and associate with another/new customer. If you chose you can see the complete history of this product from product history.



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