Online Task Management

The daily field service work revolves around creating tasks and assigning tasks. On your request we have introduced the new feature of Task management.

Create your to do list or tasks and set a due date on it. Tasks can be associated to a customer and assigned to employee. You can set a due date and see the tasks you need to complete by deadline. The task type have three default values of todo, email, call. But you can expand and customize the list and add on more from the configuration page.

There are multiple ways you can create a task. First from the Task page under Customer menu item. Click on New Task and fill in the details and click Create.

The new task will be created and will show up in the grid. You can filter the result of the grid by user, type, priority, customer name, date range and title of task. On the right side you will see the task count. You can edit any task by clicking the three dots on the right and click Edit.

When you complete the task simply click on the light green circle on the left and the popup will ask you if you want to create a follow up task or not. If you click Add Task it will close the current and add another task for the date selected. If you cancel it will close the current task without creating any follow up task.

Second, you can create tasks directly from the customer page and not even leave the page. Simply click New task from the customer grid and fill in the details. You can click Create and Add new to create multiple tasks in a roll without needing to leave the page. All you tasks created from Customer page will also be visible in the Task page.

Task Report

Other than the task page, you can see the task list in a report called Task under Customer section. You can easily export the task and distribute to others if you need to.

Task Widget in Service Dashboard

You can see the open task count in the dashboard as well. You can turn the widget on or off just like an other widgets from the configuration.