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Sub Company Permissions

Running a business that involves managing sub companies or franchise could be a daunting task, sometimes it’s difficult to oversee operations in different locations or different companies you own.

ServiceWorks has an easy way to keep tabs on everything that is going on in your different companies or franchise and it’s not only limited to you as the business owner. You can define have different access levels for your staff who oversee operations or accounts or scheduling or reporting in your sub companies or Franchise.

This feature has been very effective in tracking productivity and performance of various businesses you might own.

To bring all your operations to ServiceWorks and over see all the activities in your other businesses you will have to have all your companies linked to you parent account. Reach out to the product specialist at ServiceWorks to learn and link your accounts or raise a ticket in the help desk at ServiceWorks.

Once the technical support has linked your accounts to your parent company account, you can see a role which gets created by the name of the sub companies you may have linked to under the parent company.

Parent company >>Settings>> Admin >> Roles >> ABC residential cleaning

Parent company >>Settings>> Admin >> Roles >> ABC commercial cleaning

These roles play an important part in creating different access levels for different users/employees in your company for example the accountant in your parent company can be assigned the role ABC commercial and they can over see accounting activities in the other company ABC commercial account for accounting purpose. A scheduler can get access to the schedule of the same company that ways you assigned them access in line with their duties. This gives you flexibility to designate people for various tasks in your company

Learn and be in full control how to assign roles and permissions to your team.


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