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Team Roles and Permissions

Roles and Permissions

Now custom roles can be created. You can define your own roles and associate the permissions for these roles. You are in control of who views what, or who does what.

Manage Roles

Navigate to Settings -> Admin-> Roles to manage your roles or add new roles.

Set Permissions

Next Navigate to Settings->Admin->Permissions to select the permissions you want to allow for this role.

Assign Roles

Navigate to Settings->Admin->Company Users and pick the employee you want to assign the roles to. Click the add role button and select the roles you want to assign.

Next time when your employee logs in to the system , the new roles will kick in and control his view and action.

Multiple Roles for Professional

You may have a lot of service professionals in your organizations and you want to control what they can see or do in your system. You may not want all the professionals to have same roles. You may have supervisors or leaders with elevated privilege than other techs.

Now you can create different roles for technicians.

Navigate to Settings -> Admin -> Roles

Create a new Role and check the is Technician box before Saving.

You will have many roles for Technician in the list.

Navigate to permission page and select the roles you want to set permissions for from the drop down box. Check and un-check the permissions you want then click save.

When the technician logs into their mobile device or the responsive app the new permissions will activate and control their view and action.

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