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9 Income Streams You Can Add to Your Cleaning Business

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Finding niche markets and adding on special services is a great way to expand your cleaning business. You can add more options for your existing clients or find new clients. You can also train your existing staff to perform these new cleaning services or recruit new staff with special skills to offer new specialties or increase volume.

The Eco-Friendly “Green Clean”

People are much more environmentally-conscious these days, and they’re willing to pay more for green cleaning. Promoting your use of environmentally-friendly products can boost your sales of services, but also consider offering these green products to consumers for their cleaning needs between your visits. The appeal of having cleaning products delivered with your cleaning service visits helps customers save money on the rising cost for shipping, which is also environmentally sound. And saves money.

Keep Their Car Parked For Cleaning

Everyone’s trying to conserve gas these days, and the thought of having to drive your car to a car wash or detailing center can make people reluctant to spend the gas money to drive their car to you. So why not go to them? 

Sure, that adds to your expenses, but emphasizing the convenience of having people come to you can justify a slight increase in pricing so people can stay at home — or in an office parking lot while they’re working — to save their personal time. 

You’ve probably seen the commercials where a windshield repairman will come to you to replace your windshield? It’s the same idea. And probably more efficient than having their car washed on a lunch break or at the next cheerleaders’ fundraiser.

Under Pressure (Washing)

Creating a pressure washing niche doesn’t require a lot of money to get started. It requires someone strong enough to handle the equipment and the water pressure, and some simple water pressure equipment. 

Clients may ask you to pressure wash their homes, driveways, or special outdoor equipment. Businesses and office managers particularly want to keep their businesses looking professional and well-kept. Adding this service can help expand your cleaning business.

More Cubicles, More Profit

Sometimes it’s not an extra service you might want to add, but more volume. More business clients and more offices equal more money. By expanding your workforce, you can add more commercial clients and increase profits. 

Calculate your cost by square footage rather than a flat rate and adjust your prices accordingly. Also, calculate the time it should take for employees to finish the job.

Keeping Things Clean In The Water?

People often think of washing cars in the summer for a cleaning business, but they forget about boats. Just because they spend a great amount of their time in the water doesn’t mean they don’t need cleaning, too. Boat-loving retirees or young adults out on the lake trying to attract potential summer romances with a flashy boat don’t want to waste their time on vacation or a day off cleaning the boat. They want to enjoy the water by swimming, boating, or skiing, not by scrubbing and pay someone else to do it for them.

Cities that are located on the water or near a large recreational body of water can benefit the most from a boat cleaning business. Think of Miami or the Great Lakes of Michigan. There’s a lot of money for a cleaning business sitting on that water!

We Still Have To Sanitize

Oh, we are so weary of sanitizing for Covid-19. Do we really still have to take those precautions? 

Do you want to spend your summer enjoying the sun and the beautiful weather or sitting at home being sick? Your client’s answer will probably be the same as yours. Everything from offices, industrial equipment, homes, and vehicles run the risk of coming into contact with Covid-19 as well as many other disease pathogens.

Even though our guard has come down with pandemic cautions, sanitizing and washing hands is always a good idea. Your company can handle the sanitization part.

Gift Cards Are Perfect Any Time Of The Year

To promote your business, consider giving out gift cards. Clients can get cards for your services or coupons, or give out gift cards for other services that are popular like entertainment or restaurants to pull in new customers. They can serve as a great incentive to return customers, too.

When you combine a post-pandemic world and summer, people want to get out. They want to garden and get supplies at a DIY store or sit on the patio having margaritas at a Mexican restaurant as the sun goes down. Gift cards entice customers with perks they’ll want to use and the savings can be irresistible.

Oh, Pool Boy (Or Girl)!

If potential clients are lucky enough to have their own pool, it takes a lot of maintenance. Debris can blow in the pool after storms and keeping the water clean and safe can be a full-time job.

If clients have the luxury of their own pool, they likely can afford to pay your business to clean it. It’s only a matter of adding chemicals, a few nets, and some specialized pool cleaning equipment, and you have a great niche to expand your cleaning business.

Venting Your Dryer

People often forget how important it is to make sure their dryer vents are clear. A blocked dryer vent or too much lint can create a fire hazard. That puts your clients and their home in danger. Even if they’re able to prevent a dryer fire from causing damage to their home, your clients are going to lose a lot of clothes.

More Business, Less Headaches?

More services or volume means more scheduling and potentially more headaches. Unless you use a software program to help with scheduling, tracking employee locations, and doing payroll. Luckily, ServiceWorks offers all of the above and more in one software package. Also, track leads if you really want to expand your cleaning business. The best news is you can try it for free. No credit card is needed.


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