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How ServiceWorks Helped One  Business Increase Client Load by 270%

Increase client load

David Bélanger, owner of the Bac Lavé bin cleaning company in Quebec, credits ServiceWorks with helping him increase the client load of his business by 270% last year. “The software is essential to our business,” says David. “It’s allowed our customers to reserve online. It’s helped us save time and money, while also making us more responsive to our clients. “

We recently spoke to David about how ServiceWorks helped him achieve that growth. Here’s what he had to say.

Switching from WooCommerce to ServiceWorks unlocked online ordering — including recurring schedules — for Bac Lavé’s customers, which helped the business hit its growth goals. 

Three Essential Benefits

According to David, ServiceWorks software has provided three essential benefits to his business:

1) Employee tracking. Being able to check on staff with GPS in real time gives David a clear picture of his operation so he can make adjustments on the fly.

“[Serviceworks] enabled us to know where our employee was, which jobs are completed. And I can call him and say ‘Hey, I might add someone to your route.’ So that adjustment has made managing our work a lot easier.”

2) Data: In business, information gives you the power to streamline operations, reduce waste, increase profits, improve employee satisfaction, and create happier clients.

David gives this example: “How much time are [employees] rolling? Versus how much time are they actually spending on the job? You want to have your clients as close together as possible to minimize that rolling time.

3) Information on clients and jobs: When a client calls with a complaint, David has GPS information and photos from the servicing employee so he can determine exactly what happened.

For instance, if a neighbor switches out their dirty bin for the one his team member just cleaned, his client is likely to complain that his bin was never serviced. At one time, David would have had to weigh his employee’s word against the client’s claim.

But with ServiceWorks, he says, “I have a track record of what’s going on, and that’s a huge tool. And having the ability to take pictures of the bins and serial numbers, so when something happens, you’re able to track things down, problem-solve, or figure things out.:

Saved at least one employee

By automating many of their processes, Bac Lavé has been able to enjoy rapid growth without needing more office staff.

David says Bac Lavé grew by “2.7 times more clients than last year, and 83% overall growth. That’s amazing. Right? Luckily, we had ServiceWorks, because otherwise, that would have meant at least two more employees. 

David had predicted that ServiceWorks would save his company 450 person-hours. In reality, he says, “it’s turned out to be more like 1000.”

“Last year, it would have taken about an hour to put my routes in order and optimize them properly. I would do maybe 15 or 20 clients per day. Now I do about 30 to 60 clients per day, for three employees. And it takes me about 20 minutes.

Taking 20 minutes to optimize my routes versus an hour, for triple the amount of clients, is a big win.”

Flexible & responsive

David is especially appreciative of the support he’s received while making the transition from WooCommerce to ServiceWorks.

He says, “You guys have been there 100% of the way. Every time it’s like, hey, this little thing. You guys have always been there. Sometimes you guys need to go back and reprogram some things. But you actually did it for us, [even though we’re a small business.] So that’s amazing for us.

Growing together

That responsiveness gives David confidence that ServiceWorks can continue to meet his growing company’s needs.

“This year was a great year, and we had great support. [Going forward,] we have a lot of things that we want to upgrade. And I know that you guys will be able to get that out to us. And I have 100% confidence in that. [ServiceWorks has] shown that throughout the eight months we’ve been working together. I’ve seen the growth, I’ve seen the change, and it’s working really well. So I’m really, really happy.”

Treating clients to better solutions

David is so pleased with the results of his partnership with ServiceWorks that he wishes he’d found the app sooner.

“If I’d had ServiceWorks at the beginning, my business would have grown much faster. We would’ve been able to treat our customers to better solutions, more flexibility, and it’s would just have been a lot easier for us to [grow].”

ServiceWorks has been an essential piece of Bac Lavé’s growth, saving the company time and money while allowing them to focus on what they do best: providing excellent service to their clients.