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Report: Invoice Payments

In ServiceWorks, you can generate a report that will display a list of all invoice payments received within a specified date range. Here’s an overview of how to utilize this report

Upon opening the Invoice Payments report, you’ll be presented with the following filtering options:

  • From Date / To Date – Define the date range to generate the report from
  • Invoice Type – Filter your results by SVC (Service), POS(Point of Sale), or All
  • Job Type – Filter results by the Job Types created within your Job Settings
  • Job Status – Filter your search by Job Status. More than one search criterion can be selected at a time

Once satisfied with your filter settings, click Run Report.

Now that the report has been generated, you can view the following:

    -Invoice # / Ticket #
    -Paid Date
    -Job Type
    -Account #
    -Customer Name
    -Payment Mode
    -Professional / SalesPerson

    In addition, you will also have a Payment Summary that will include the total of payments made by the type of payment (cash, check, debit, etc)

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