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Report: Invoice By Other Charges

Within the ServiceWorks software, you have the ability to view a report based on the Other Charges section of the Job menu. Here’s how to generate this report and what to expect:

Upon opening the Invoice By Other Charges report, you’ll have the following filter options:

  • Start Date / End Date: Define the date ranges to filter your search from
  • Invoice Type: Select to filter your results by Counter Invoices (POS), Service Invoices (Jobs/Estimations) or All Invoices
  • POS Salesman: Filter by the salesman attached to the POS transaction
  • Other Charge: Filter results by custom charges saved within your Invoice Settings

Once finished with your selections, click Run Report

Now that your report has been generated, you should be able to see the the following information:

Type – Displays the Type of invoiced logged
Name – Displays the customer name associated with the invoice charge
Address – Displays the address assigned to the customer account
Invoice Number – Displays the invoice number where the other charge was applied
Other Charge – Displays the name of the charge applied
Price – Displays the cost of the charge added to the ticket
Date – Displays the date on which the charge was applied
Salesman/Tech – Displays the name of the technician assigned to the POS transaction

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