Part Movement in Inventory

ServiceWorks supports multi-warehouse support, and a private ordering portal to capture email and phone orders. SW also integrates with Shopify online portal to collect internet orders that is available 24/7. The inventory is a list of parts or items that you sell to customer or use for service repair. You can create serialized or non-serialized items in your inventory.

Where do parts come from in the Inventory?

There are three ways you can imports parts to SW.

  1. Import Inventory File
  2. Sync QuickBooks inventory
  3. Add it manually as you go.
  4. Syncs from Shopify Orders

Read more about Add Parts in here.

Now that you have the part definition in your inventory, how do you track the quantity of the parts? When you have a new part the On Hand Quantity of that part will be 0.

How do You adjust On Hand Quantity?

  1. Receive Parts: When you create a purchase order and physically receive the parts you can follow the Receive PO workflow that will automatically increase the count in your inventory.
  2. Adjust Inventory: When you adjust your inventory you can manually update the on hand quantity in bin/location.
  3. Transfer Inventory: You can transfer items from one location to another and even from and to a specific bin location if you chose to.( bin location is optional)

What happens when you sell an item?

You create a order to sell a specific item. Example: You have Belt in the Main Location in the following bins.

When you create Order for selling this item, you will notice the Available quantity shows up next to the Bin Location. It preselects a bin, but you can change it to a different bin if you chose to.

When a order is placed the quantity automatically deducts from the bin/location.

How To Add Serial Numbers for Serialized Inventory

First add a serialized inventory from The Inventory page.

Next, Go to Inventory Adjustment and search your serialized ite

Click The blue pencil under Item on Hand. This will open up the serial number entry box.

Let’s add 3 serial number for this item. Sr-1, Sr-2 and Sr-3. You can adjust the cost and price of each of this serialized items.

After adding 3 serialized item you can go to Inventory view and you will find the Item on Hand is set to 3.

There are few reports where you can find data related to serialized Inventory.

Serial Number Available Report

Serial Number Search Report


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