Finance Tutorial

How to Apply Credit to Customer Account

There are many times when you go to field you collect more than the amount that is required for a job and you want this additional amount to stay as Credit which you can apply later to future jobs.

In ServiceWorks you can collect payment from mobile app, job page or Customer A/R. If the payment collected is more that the job due, the extra amount automatically goes to A/R as Credit.

The following is the A/R of a customer, let’s call it ABC Inc.

When you select all the Invoice and click proceed to payment the available Credits will be available for you to apply to any unpaid invoice. Here you can see the available Credit is $40.46.

Click the Apply Credit Button and then the Invoice where $26.64 is due will be paid off and you will still have Credit of $13.82. You can apply this remaining credit to any upcoming completed jobs.


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