Integrating ServicePower

Here’s a walkthrough on how to integrate your ServicePower account with ServiceWorks as a claims processor, as well as how to submit your warrantied claims

To begin, click the cogwheel in the toolbar to open the configurations tab and navigate to Integration -> Claim Processors Setup

In the Claims Processors Setup menu, click the + button in the upper right-hand corner to create a new processor

In the following popup menu, You’ll be given the option to fill out the corresponding information for your ServicePower account:

  • Processor – This field lets you create or select an existing processor. Since this is your initial setup, you’ll want to put ServicePower in this field
  • Name – This field will designate how your processor appears in ServiceWorks. For ease of use, we recommend naming this ServicePower as well
  • ID – You can enter your processor’s associated ID number here. Since ServicePower doesn’t require an ID for use, this field can be ignored
  • Username – Enter your ServicePower username in this field
  • Password – Enter your ServicePower password here
  • Part Submission to Claim – In this field, you can designate whether to base the submission on the cost or sales price with your claims
  • Address – Enter the Processor’s address here
  • Zip – Enter the processor’s associated zip code/pattern
  • City – Enter the processor’s associated city
  • State/Province – Displays the state or province associated with either the city or zip code field
  • Phone – Enter an associated phone number for your processor here
  • Email – Enter the email address associated with the processor
  • Auto-Accept – Enable this box to have your ServicePower jobs be automatically accepted into ServiceWorks when posted
  • Send Sub Status –

Once finished, click Save to continue.

Once saved, you’re claim processor list should be similar to the example below. Each of the green checkmarks validates that the feature is enabled or your account has been verified

Now that you’ve successfully linked your ServicePower credentials with your ServiceWorks account, you’re ready to begin submitting warranty claims

Once you’ve started to receive and service warrantied jobs, hover over the Jobs section of the toolbar and select Warranty Claims

In the following menu, select the unsubmitted claims

And once selected, click the Action button and select Download ServicePower Claim File from the dropdown menu. You should see a popup with a downloaded text file if completed correctly.

Now with your exported file in tow, you can open up your ServicePower account and upload the claims by clicking Select Upload File from the toolbar in ServicePower

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