Applying Warranty / Distributor Credit

Imagine the following scenario: You receive a shipment of items, and upon initial inspection, you notice that one or more of your items are damaged. As a result, you’ll want to return those items to receive a credit from your distributor and apply those credits to a future order.

Here’s a quick explanation of how to return faulty items and how to use the credits received on future purchases.

To begin, you’ll first need to return the items on the purchase order to the distributor they were received from.

Start by hovering over the Inventory section of the toolbar and selecting PO Return

In the following menu, click the New link in the upper right hand corner

Next, use the filter in the PO Return to select the name of the distributor you wish to return the item to. You can do so by selecting the distributor name, inventory location, or by the date range in which the PO was received. In our example, the Test Distributor will be the one we return these items to. Click View when finished with your selection to continue

Once your results have generated, click the checkbox next to the PO you wish to return and enter the quantity of items being returned. Once finished, click Save at the bottom of the screen to continue

Now that you’ve returned your faulty items, you can verify the completion and credit information of the return in the previous screen by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the returned PO

Now that you’ve successfully returned a PO within the system, here’s how you’ll apply those credits towards future purchases:

From the toolbar, hover over the Inventory tab and select Distributor Payment

In the Distributor Payment menu, find the name of the previous distributor. In our example, the Test Distributor is the one we’re looking for. Once located, click the Make Payment link next to the distributor to continue

In the payment menu, find the PO that the items were attached to, click the checkbox next to the PO and click Proceed to Payment. In our example, we can see from having returned one of the two duplicate items on the PO that the remaining amount is only half of what is due.

And now in the payment screen, you can view all of the applied credits that have been made to this particular distributor. The credits shown can be applied towards other payments to this distributor, whether it be a replacement part or an entirely different purchase order. This credit application occurs the next time an order is placed to this distributor.

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