Report: Trip Note

What This Report Does:
Generates a report based on the trip notes logged within a designated time frame

Upon opening this report, you’ll have the following options for filtering your search:

  • From / To Date – specifies the time period to produce the report from
  • Customer – Filter your search results by the customer name associated with the job

Once satisfied with your selection, click Run Report to continue

Once generated, you will be able to view the following information within the report:

  • Customer Name – Displays the name of the customer assigned to the job
  • Ticket# – Displays the ticket number assigned to the job
  • Trip No – Displays the number of the trip in the job
  • Trip Note – Displays the text within the Trip Note section of the job
  • Schedule Date – Displays the scheduled time and date
  • Tech Name – Displays the name of the technician assigned to the job
  • Tech Note – Displays any notes taken by the technician on the job

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