Report – Sales Tax by Cash Basis

The Sales Tax by Cash Basis report generates a table based on collected payments. This accounting method taxes payments when you receive them (date of transaction).

For example, lets say you created a $500 invoice in August, with a sales tax rate of 10%, making the grand total $550. You receive a $300 payment from your customer in August, and collect the remaining $250 in September.

With cash basis, your sales tax owed would be displayed in two amounts: $30 for August and $20 for September, because you received payments in both August and September.

Here’s how that report will function in ServiceWorks:

  • You can use the From / To Date to define a date range for your generated report
  • With the Tax dropdown, you can select between the tax rates you have setup within the system. This field is set to ‘All’ by default.
  • Use the County box to define a specific county for your search. This field is set to ‘All’ by default as well.

Once you’ve generated your report, it should bring up three tables based on your selections, Sales Tax, Labor Tax, and Details.

In the Details section, you can see all of the invoices related to the search criteria entered above.

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