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Report: Payments for Chart of Account

With ServiceWorks, you can generate a report that shows the payments associated with the Chart of Accounts. Here’s a brief overview on how this report works within the system

Upon opening the report, you’ll have the option of setting a date range to filter your results from. Once finished setting the date range, click Run Report to continue

Once the report has been generated, you can view the following information:

Invoice Number: Designates the invoice number the payment is associated with
Account Number: Displays the customer account number
Customer: Displays customer name associated with payment
Amount: Shows the total amount of payment that is due
Paid Amount: Total amount of payment collected for each transaction
Paid Date: The time and the date payment was logged
Unmapped: Will display the name of the chart of accounts (if has been set)
-HST – Calculates the total harmonized sales tax (Canada Only)

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