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Feature: Production Rate

Production rates refer to the rate at which a particular process or operation produces output. These rates can be calculated by determining the amount of output produced over a specific period of time, such as an hour or a day.

For example, a factory that produces 500 widgets in 8 hours has a production rate of 62.5 widgets per hour.

There are different ways to calculate production rates depending on the type of process or operation, but the basic formula is:

Production rate = Total output / Total time

In order to calculate production rates, it is important to have accurate and reliable data on both the output and the time involved. This data can be collected through manual observation, automated monitoring systems, or other means. Once the data is collected, it can be analyzed to determine the average production rate, or to identify trends and patterns in the production process.

Within ServiceWorks, you can attach production rates to your services within the Price List. Here’s a brief tutorial on how to set these up:

Creating a Production Rate

To begin, you’ll need to open the Configuration Tab and then navigate to Configuration -> Price List to access the price list view

Next, click the Add Service button to create a new service and production rate, or hover over the three dots and the end of a service and select Edit to add rates to existing services

In the next menu, beneath the service information, you’ll now see a space to add the production rate. In these sections, you can designate the following:

– Number of Units to Process – The base number of units in the production rate
– Time to Process Set Number of Units – How long it takes for the service to be completed per unit (must be in minutes)

In our example, we have the production rate set to where 1 unit takes 30 minutes to complete the service

Once satisfied with your entered rate, click Save to continue

Now that the production rate has been saved, you can now add the service to a new or existing job.

Here we can see that when added to the job, the service shows that 1 unit will take approximately 30 minutes to complete

And when the quantity increases, both the total price, cost, and rate change in accordance with the set production rate

As well as set the job duration for the time designated in the production rate

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