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Report: Job Payment Details

What This Report Does:

Generates a report based on the payment taken for each job within the designated date range.

Upon opening this report, you can set the following parameters:

  • Start/End Date – Designate the date range to generate results from
  • Payment Mode – Select the type of payment taken on jobs. You can choose as many payment modes as you like, but one must be chosen to create the report.

Once satisfied with your selections, click the Run Report button to continue.

Now that you’ve generated your report, you should be able to view the following information:

  • Job Date – Displays the date on which the job is scheduled
  • Job # – Displays the assigned ticket number for the job
  • Customer – Displays the customer assigned to the job
  • Account# – Displays the account number of the customer assigned to the job
  • Professional – Displays the name technician assigned to the job
  • Amount – Shows the total amount due for the job
  • Mode – Displays the mode of payment taken for the job

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