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Report: Invoices by Job Status

What this report does:
– Generates a list of invoices within your system by their current job status

Upon opening this report, you will have the following filter options:

  • From Date / To Date: – Set the date range in which to generate results
  • Job Type – Select between the job types set up within your configuration settings
  • Job Status – Filter your search results by an invoice’s current status. Note that this field will need to be filled out prior to generating a report

Once satisfied with your selections, click Run Report to continue

Now that the report has been generated, this is what should be visible in your results:

  • Inv # / Tick # – Displays the invoice or ticket number
  • Transaction Date – Displays the date the transaction occurred
  • Job Type – Displays the assigned job type for the invoice
  • Acct# – Displays the customer’s account number
  • Cust Name – Displays the name of the customer
  • Type – Displays the billing frequency (if applicable)
  • Amount – Displays the total amount due on the invoice
  • Labor – Displays the sum of labor-related charges on the invoice
  • Parts – Displays the sum of parts related charges on the invoice
  • Serial – Displays the total amount of serialized items
  • Other Chgs – Displays the sum of all additional charges on the invoice
  • Tax – Displays the total taxes collected on items and services on the invoice
  • Discount – Displays the sum of discounts applied to the invoice
  • Professional / Salesperson – Displays the name of the professional or salesperson assigned to the invoice. Note: Users will need to have either the Professional or SalesPerson role assigned or else they will NOT appear in the report
  • City – Displays the city of the assigned job
  • State – Displays the state of the assigned job
  • Zip – Displays the postal code of the assigned job

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