Report: Employee Earning Report

What This Report Does:
Displays a list of jobs with detailing the amount an employee has earned (either via pay rate or commission) during a specific date range

Upon opening this report, you’ll have the following options for filtering your search:

  • To/From Date – Designate a date range from which to generate the report
  • Employee – Filter your results by a specific employee’s name. Additionally, you can use All to pull all job information from the date range

Once finished with your selections, click Run Report to continue

Once generated, you will be able to view the following information within the report:

  • Account # – Displays the customer’s account number
  • Date – Displays the date on which the job occurred
  • Customer Name – Displays the name of the customer assigned to the job
  • Employee – Displays the name of the technician assigned to the job
  • Start Time – Displays the time when the employee reached the service location
  • End Time – Displays the time when the job was marked as completed
  • Invoice # – Displays the assigned ticket number for the job
  • Service – Displays the service requested for the job (if applicable)
  • Total Hrs – Displays the total time spent on the job
  • Total Hrs Budgeted – Displays the estimated amount of time to complete the job
  • Variance – Displays the variance in time between what was estimated and the actual time taken. The formula used to calculate this is Variance = Total Hrs – Total Hrs Budgeted
  • Comm. Base – Displays the base amount of total amount of commission (if applicable)
  • Comm. Rate – Displays the employee’s set commission rate (if applicable)
  • Comm. Pay – Displays the total amount of commission earned by the employee (if applicable)
  • Total Hrly – Displays the total hourly pay of the employee (if applicable)
  • Fixed Pay– Displays the fixed pay rate of an employee (if applicable)
  • Miles Travelled – Displays the total amount of miles travelled to complete the job
  • Mileage Charge – Displays the set charge for milage (if applicable)
  • Total Pay – Displays the amount the employee has earned for the job

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