Using the Embedded Payment Link

In the digital age, an embedded payment link feature provides incredibly convenient and effective functionality. Users can simply complete transactions without visiting external payment portals by incorporating payment buttons inside webpages, emails, or applications.

In addition to saving time, this simplified procedure improves security by limiting the visibility of sensitive payment information. Additionally, as it promotes easy and rapid purchases, businesses can use this feature to increase sales and enhance consumer satisfaction.

In this blog, we’ll walkthrough the process of how to set up an embedded payment link using the ServiceWorks software, as well as what your customers will see upon using this feature:

To begin creating your embedded payment link , first hover over the Invoice section of the toolbar and click Payment

In the following Payment menu, click the Share Payment Link

Once you click the link, a popup menu will appear with code that can be copied and pasted into your personal website. You’ll also have the following customization options as well:

  • Choose Button Color – You can customize this color to match your company colors, or any other preferred color
  • Button Text – Customize the text for your payment link button

Once finished, click Copy, then paste the code into your website

Now that your payment link has been embedded into your website, here’s what your customers will see when clicking on the link:

Upon clicking the link, the customer will be presented with the option of paying their most recent invoice.

If the invoice presented is the correct one they wish to make payments on, they can click Continue and be directed to the payment page. There they can make partial or full payments towards their due invoice

However, should they select Try Different Invoice, they will be presented with a popup that will allow them to search for the invoice they wish to pay by using the provided search field.

And, if that invoice number is incorrect or invalid, they will be presented with the error message below, with the option of returning back to the invoice search screen.

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