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Changing Credit Card on File

As you use the ServiceWorks software, you may find yourself in need of changing the card you have on file for paying your invoices. Here’s a brief tutorial on how to complete this process:

Before You Change Your Card On File…

Please be aware that the card will be charged the due amount upon being changed in the system. We recommend doing this process closer to your due date so that no charges are mistakenly processed.

To begin, open the Configuration tab and click on Admin, then Payment History. In the Payment History view, you can use your previous invoices to add a new card on file. click the Pay link

In the payment screen, you should see a tab called Saved Card with your current card information. Clicking the X will remove that card from your file, should you want to remove this card completely.

Next, click on the New Card tab. Here, you can enter your new card information. Upon clicking save, your invoice payment will be processed and your new card will be saved to your ServiceWorks account.

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