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ServiceWorks, Twilio, and You

Setting up Twilio and ServiceWorks

Getting your own number for your customers to respond to is now very easy. We have added Twilio integration into ServiceWorks.

This tutorial is a bit long, as we have included a lot of screenshots, but it does not take long to do at all.

Please note that Twilio is a paid service. You may continue to use ServiceWorks’ phone number if you wish, but as texting becomes more commonplace in ServiceWorks your text message could be delayed.

Follow the steps below to get up and running in no time! First Visit Twilio | Try Twilio Free | to create your Twilio account.

Twilio Create Account Screen

Twilio will send you an email to confirm your identity.

Log in from the link sent to your email.

It is going to then ask for a phone number to verify you.

Enter the code sent to your phone

When signing up with Twilio, it will present you with the screen below

Select your Options

You can enter the information like we have in the screenshot above for the simplest setup.

And then click the “Getting Started with Twilio” button

Congratulations you are in!

Next, right almost center there is a button to “Get a trial phone number” Please click that.

Once it processes the request, your phone number will now appear in the Account info section

Now we just need to complete a few setup steps to complete the Twilio side of things.

In the upper left corner, you will see an option for Phone numbers

Click this to expand to see “Manage” Click “Manage” to see “Active Numbers” your Twilio phone number will be visible in the Active Numbers section

Click on the phone number visible as a link. There is a lot of information on this page, but the part we need to address is down at the bottom of the page in the “Messaging” section. Next to the webhook drop down there will be an entry showing

Please replace that entry with and click save

Adding the Webhook

Please make sure that is entered exactly as you see it.  This ties Service Works and Twilio together, if there is a letter out of place the connection will not happen.

Now that we have that information saved, let’s setup the messaging Service to wrap it up.

Expand the “Messaging” grouping on the right until you can see “Services”, click the “Create Messaging Service” Button

1st Give your messaging service a friendly name, such as ServiceWorks Texting. This may help you identify this service down the road if you add more services to your Twilio account.

Click the “Create Messaging Service” button

In step 2 it is time to select your phone number. Simply click the box in front of your phone number to select, and click the “Add Phone Numbers” button.

The phone number has been added.

Click the button for “Step 3: Setup Integration”

On this screen, be sure that “Defer to Sender’s Webhook is selected”

You can now click the “Complete Messaging Service Setup” button

On this pop-up, you may click the “View my new Messaging Service” to finish and see an overview of your service.

For the final check, you may now go back to the active number screen in the steps above, click on your phone number link, go down to messaging Section and you should now see your messaging service listed in that section.

Hang in there we are just about done, the finish line is in sight!

Click on the link in the upper right corner to access your account.

Remember these settings?

Now it is time to use them.

Leave Twilio open in a browser and please launch a new tab or new browser to access ServiceWorks. Once in ServiceWorks navigate to Configuration Settings > Integration > Apps and you will see Twilio

Twilio Integration

Click on Twilio

Check the “Personalized SMS” and use the information from your Twilio screen to fill in the boxes in ServiceWorks.

Twilio Integration Settings

Don’t forget to hit save.

Now when you send text messages out through ServiceWorks it will come from your number.

Happy Texting!

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