Multiple Roles Now in Mobile App

Multiple roles now possible in ServiceWorks Mobile App

Have you been in the predicament where you start work in the Estimator role, running around doing estimates, then you have to switch over to the Professional role to work through the day? Then maybe have to step into the Admin role to do your end-of-day reports? Had to log out, remember your credentials to log in as “someone” else? We have rolled out a new feature that will take care of that. Multiple Role Login

When logging into the ServiceWorks Mobile Application you will now see a new window if your manager has assigned multiple roles to you.

Multiple Role Drop Down

With Multiple Role Login, if an employee has multiple roles assigned, they will now be greeted with this new box on their mobile device. When the drop-down menu is pressed, all of the roles assigned to them will be visible. In the sample below the user has  the Professional role and an Account Manager role.

2nd Multiple Role Window

Once they select their appropriate role, those role permissions will take effect. Allowing them to see or not see anything that helps them perform their job quicker and more efficiently

**If a person logs into the device and cannot see customers or menu items they should. Please check permissions for that role by going to Configuration Settings > Admin > Permissions