Call Type

Call Type is the way that customers contact your business to make requests for products or services. Your call type would be phone if, for instance, you were to call an appliance repair shop and ask for a technician to visit your house.

Creating and allocating call types in ServiceWorks can provide an additional layer of organization and be utilized for analysis and reporting.

To begin, click the cogwheel in the toolbar to open the Configuration Tab and navigate to Job Settings -> Call Type

In the Call Type menu, you can view a preset list of Call Types. You can use the pencil and bin icons to edit or delete any of these preset types

To create your own Call Type, click the New Call Type button

In the following popup, you can name your new Call Type. For this example, we’re going to name our new type “Walk-In“. Once finished, click Save to continue

Once you’ve finished adding your Call Types to your account, you’re ready to assign them to jobs.

From Desktop:

Create or open an existing job, then scroll down to the Job Information section

In this section, use the Type of Call dropdown box to assign a Call Type to the job. Once selected, be sure to save your changes before moving on

From Mobile App:

From the mobile app, open a job and scroll to the Description section. (Note: This section may appear different if a description has already been placed in the text field)

In the Description screen, select the Call Type field dropdown field, and select your call type from the list. Press OK and Save when finished with your selection

Once created and assigned, you can generate a report based on the Call Type specified on the job ticket.

From the toolbar, click on the Reports tab and in the following menu, click on Jobs by Call Type report

As the name states, this report will generate a list of jobs based on the Call Types selected in the filter. (More on how this report works: Jobs By Call Type)

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