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Purchase Order Setting

Within the Purchase Order Setting section of ServiceWorks, you can configure the automation settings for your created purchase orders.

To reach the Purchase Order Settings, click on the cogwheel in the toolbar and navigate to Configuration -> Purchase Order Setting

Next, we’ll go over each section of the Purchase Order Setting menu:

In this panel, you’ll be able to enable or disable the following features:

  • Can Professional Create PO – When enabled, this will grant any user with the role of “Professional” the ability to create purchase orders
  • Auto Update Job Status For Receiving PO – When enabled, this will ensure that a job’s status is updated once a created PO has been received
  • Automatically Change Status When Creating PO – When enabled, this will automatically update a job’s status when a PO for associated items has been created
  • Consolidated Purchase Order – When enabled, this will consolidate your purchase orders, combining multiple items needed from multiple invoices into one bulk order
  • Auto Update Job Status From Marcone – When enabled, will update job status based on the items order status from Marcone (for Marcone users only)

Use this panel to configure your reorder point (ROP) settings for purchase orders (for more on ROP, click HERE)

  • Send Email – Enable this toggle to send out the reorder notification email. This email will be sent to the email address specified in your account’s Site Settings
  • Notification Time – Use this drop-down box to select the time of day to send the notification emails
  • Notification Interval – Use this field to set the interval between notifications (in days)

With the purchase order invoice template, you can edit the appearance of the invoice whenever a purchase order has been created. You can use the body of the template to display custom messages relating to your purchase order

And by using the legend on the right hand side, you can view all of the dynamic data text available for this specific template as well as what each text will display from within your ServiceWorks account.

In the Field Configuration panel, you can enable or disable information displayed within the {ListOfInventoryItems} tag

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