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How to Reschedule a Job from Service Works Pro

There are many times when you can’t complete a job because you don’t have the the necessary parts with you or other reasons, and you need to revisit the customer. What do you do in those situation. Here is a simple step by step instructions on how to complete a job and reschedule a job if it is not fully done.

The Tech goes to a job scheduled for 8 am.

Open the Job and go to Job detail page. Click En-route button on start of the driving. Click Arrive button when you have reached customer’s location. Click the red circle button to refresh the job and see the enroute and arrival time on the job detail.

Tech Identifies Part Needed to Complete Job

Go to The Product section and add required parts. Keep the Disposition of the parts as Select Disposition.

All these parts will be available in the Item Needed page in the website for the admin or Backoffice members to create Purchase Order.

Write Explanation of this Trip

Reschedule Job

Click on the second panel where date time of the current job is listed to Reschedule this job.

You will now see another schedule is added for this job. Remember, this is not another job. This is another trip or schedule for the same job. After the reschedule is done, then you can Complete this Trip by clicking the Complete button.

If you click the Complete button before Reschedule this Job will be Completed. So DO NOT click Complete unless you have rescheduled.

The Rescheduled Job

You can see the job on 22nd as In Process status and not Complete status. You can en-route this job, you can look up previous note trips of this job as well.


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