Form Template

When sending your job forms to customers in ServiceWorks, you can add a layer of customization in the form of company logos, company contact information, or any information relating to the job using the Form Template. Here’s how to do so:

To begin, click on the cogwheel in the toolbar to open up the Configuration Tab and navigate to Form Settings -> Form Template

In the form template menu, you’ll have the ability to edit your form by adding dynamic data text in to the template body. Here’s how each section functions:

Enable & Preview

Use the Form Template toggle to enable or disable customization to your forms. You can use the preview field to view your pending changes to your form template by entering the JobFormListID into the field and selecting Preview.


Opening the Legend on the right-hand side will bring up a list of dynamic data texts that can be used in this template, as well as a description of what each text will display. We highly recommend copying and pasting the text into the template body to maintain the same formatting.

Once finished with your additions, be sure to click Save

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