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Job Forms can serve as a checklist for services, instructions for technicians, or inspections, among other uses. You construct the forms based on what you need, making it possible to create countless options for your customers. Here’s a brief tutorial on how to create and assign job forms to your scheduled jobs in ServiceWorks.

To begin, click the cogwheel in the toolbar to open the Configuration Tab and navigate to Form Settings -> Forms

In the forms menu, you’ll see a list of created forms (if applicable) along with a search bar for filtering the results of the list below. The created forms can be edited, deleted, or cloned using the three dots at the end of the row.

To create a new form, click the + button in the upper-right corner

Upon creating a new form, you’ll have the following customization options:

Form Types

Using the dropdown field above your job form will allow you to select what type of job form it is. You can choose from the following options:

  • Job Form: Job forms can be completed during the duration of the job.
  • Pre-Job: Pre-Job forms are available in the mobile app and needs to be completed before you can start the job.
  • Survey Form: These forms can be sent to your customers for collecting feedback and reviews.


You can use this field to create a title for your job form

And by pressing the + button on the right hand side of the form title to create a new question, the T icon to create a new title, or the image icon to insert a picture into your form

When creating a new question, you should initially see the image in the example below, allowing you to create the criteria for your question

As well as use the dropdown field to select the type of question for your form

And in each question, you can enable or enforce a signature for confirmation. There are no limits to the number of questions you can create, so feel free to customize each form for your business needs.

Once you are finished creating your form, be sure to click the Save icon to store your changes.

Now that you’ve successfully created your job forms, you can begin to add them to new and existing jobs.

When in the New Job or Job Edit Menu, you can use the icons in the top left to add either a Survey form or a Job form

When selected, you’ll be given the option to search and choose which form to add to the current job. You can attach multiple forms to a job, so select as many as the job requires. When finished with your selections, click Select to continue

Once you’ve added the forms to the job, you can see the status of the forms in the Job Form section located beneath the payment section

Clicking on the pencil icon brings up the created form for you to fill out. Click Submit when finished with your entries.

And once submitted, the form status should reflect that it has been completed. You’ll still have the option to edit any information on the form by using the pencil icon.

Job and Survey forms can also be added when manually emailing invoices to customers

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