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Custom Job Forms

Job Forms:

Job forms can be used for many purposes, as a service checklist, as instructions to the tech or as inspection checklist. The forms are created by you according to your need. There are endless possibility.

Every form has a name and a description to identify the forms. Sections can be added to the form for grouping related questions.

It’s easy to create a form – it is just like google forms. Go to the Gear Icon on top right -> then Click on the Form from the left navigation menu. You will see all the Forms you have created there, or you can Add New form from this screen.

Form Types

There are two types of Forms.

  1. Pre Job: Pre Job forms are available in the mobile app which needs to be completed before you can start the job.
  2. Job Form: Job forms can be completed during the duration of the job.
  3. Survey Form: These forms are means to be the forms that you can send to your customer for collecting feedback, review.

Associate a Form to a Job

You can select already created Form of Job Type while you are creating a new job or editing a job.

After selecting one or many forms, click Select and these form will be associated with the Job. It will be marked as Pending till the technicians completes the form and submits them.

You can view answers to the form by clicking on the form title e.g. Testing Prep Job. You can edit the response to the form by clicking the edit pencil icon.

How does Technicians Fill up the Forms from Responsive View?

Technicians when they login to their account through the website and update a job , then can see all the forms associated to this job.

They can select any one form at a time and enter the information. They can edit the forms as many times as they want till they Submit it. When submitted the form will be visible to form the Admin side.

Update Forms From Mobile App

You can access the forms from mobile app as well. However in the app you can’t associate new forms. You can only submit responses to the form already associated to the job. You can save the forms as many times you want, and after all work done you can submit the forms.

Attach Forms in Invoice

From the website forms can be attached to be sent with the invoice along with Contents and Documents.