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Cancellation Reasons

Cancellation Reasons refer to the explanation for why a job or estimate was cancelled. Here’s how to access, create, and use cancellation reasons within the ServiceWorks software:

To begin, click on the cogwheel in the toolbar to open the Configuration Tab and navigate to Job Settings -> Cancellation Reasons

In the cancellation reasons menu, you’ll see two tables, one with cancellation types and the other with cancellation reasons. Using the edit (pencil) icon, you can modify already-existing types and reasons as well as generate your own unique types and justifications.

To create a new cancellation type, click on the Add Cancel Type button above the list of cancellation types

In the following pop up, use the field provided to name your cancel type, then click Save

Nested beneath each cancellation type are Cancellation Reasons, that give more insight into why a job or estimate was cancelled. To create a new cancellation reason, click the Add Cancel Reason button

Then, in the ensuing popup, use the selection box to choose the cancellation type you’d like your new cancellation reason to be nested under, and fill in a name for it. Click Save to finalize the creation process after you’re done.

When cancelling a job, whether it be on the desktop or mobile app, you’ll be required to list a reason for the cancellation.

Jobs can be cancelled in the Schedule view, by clicking on the job/estimate in the schedule

In the All Jobs/ All Estimations page via the edit icon

In the Job / Estimation edit menu via the Cancel Job / Estimate link

When clicking on the link, you’ll be given the option to select a Cancel Type, Cancel Reason, and any additional notes related to the cancellation. Click Cancel Job once finished with your selections to save your changes.

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