Invoice – Field Configuration

The toggles in the field configuration section directly below the template body will play a significant role in determining how your invoice templates are customized within the ServiceWorks software. You can further tailor how your clients perceive your incoming invoices by utilizing them.

In this blog, we’ll go over the importance of this section and what to expect when enabling or disabling sections of your template

When viewing the field configuration panel on a template, you should see something similar to the example below.

In the greyed out title row, you’ll see the names of the dynamic data tags that are affected by these toggles within the list. In our example, the row we’re currently looking at will affect how the {ServiceItems} and {ServiceItemsOnly} tags are displayed on the invoice, should the dynamic data tag be used in this template

Below that are the list of information fields that appear when the previous dynamic data tags are added to the invoice, along with a brief description of each field and a toggle displaying whether or not that field is currently viewable on your template.

So for instance, here’s a view of the {ServiceItems} tag within the invoice template

And here’s how that will appear on the generated invoice

So lets say that you don’t want your customers to see the Tax Rate and Tax Amount on your invoice. By going to the field configuration panel and disabling those two toggles and clicking Save, you can remove them from the listing withing your invoice

All field configuration toggles are enabled by default, so feel free to visit the templates you use on a regular basis and customize those based on your business needs.

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