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Creating Inventory Variants

Did you know you have the ability to create item variants within ServiceWorks? This is a feature that could useful in a situation where you have items with the same name or SKU; it could possibly save you time and efficiently categorize different variances of items without needing to add each one individually. Here’s a brief explanation on how to set these up:

First, you’ll need to open the inventory view by hovering over Inventory on the toolbar and selecting Item to access the inventory edit menu.

Next, use the search fields to filter your results or choose the item you wish to add variants to, hover over the three dots on the right hand side, and select Edit.

Once in the item edit menu, scroll down to the Options panel. There, you’ll find a toggle that designates whether or not to enable different options for inventory items. When enabled, you can add names and values to the item variants. In this example, we’ve added Red, Green, and blue as values. Click Add to create the variant options when finished.

Note: When adding multiple variants to an item, be sure to use the Tab button to navigate between fields. Only click the Add button once all your variations have been entered, as it may not operate as intended otherwise

Now added, the variant names and values appear on the right side of the input fields. You can use the edit and delete options on existing variants as well. Once you’ve satisfied with your additions, be sure to click Save before leaving the menu.

Now that the variants have been defined, you will now see the list of each available option whenever you add the item to a job or estimation ticket. The variants can be searched by either item number or name.

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