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Instant Booking Availability Widget

If you’ve utilized the Instant Booking setting in ServiceWorks before, you’ve probably encountered a situation in which a potential client begins to enter their information only to discover that they’re not in your service region. To alleviate potential customers’ anger and disappointment at being unable to request assistance, we’ve developed an embeddable availability widget that can determine if a customer is in your defined service zones prior to filling out their information. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to enable this function on your website and what your customers will see when they use it.

Note: Using this feature will enforce zone restriction for jobs taken through Instant Booking, even if your zone restriction module is not enabled. Please be sure to have your zones configured prior to using this widget to avoid any mishap. More on how to enable and setup your zones here

To access the new availability widget for your website, open the configurations tab and navigate to Configuration -> Job Settings -> Instant Booking

From here, click the Share or arrow button to continue

In the following popup menu, click on the Embed Code tab to view the html code for the availability widget. You can also choose to edit the color with the Choose Button Color button. Once finished with your color selection, click Copy to save the HTML code to your computer’s clipboard.

Now that you’ve copied the button, paste the HTML code within your personal website. You may need to contact your designated webmaster to do this for you.

Once saved in your website, your widget should appear similar to the example below:

Clicking on this button will present your customers with a form to perform a check on their address to see if it falls within your designated zone(s) of service

If the customer’s address falls within the service area, they will be taken directly to the Instant Booking to complete their service request

If the address is outside of the service area, the customer will be presented with the pop up below to enter their name, email address, and phone number. These items will then be emailed to an admin to inform them of a customer attempting to request services. Alternatively, they can try a different service address to see if that one will work.

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