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How to setup Service Works for running multiple locations

There are definite business advantages to owning more than one location. It can mean economies of scale, lower costs per unit, greater market reach, increased sales volume and deeper talent development over a larger area of responsibility. Owning more than one franchise location is not for everyone, but it often fits the growth, revenue and profitability goals aspired to by some franchise owners.

Are you the owner of multiple location? If yes then learn how to setup ServiceWorks for your operations.

Multiple Zone Setup

When you have locations between 1 to 10 and you don’t want to see the jobs and employees of other locations, but want to have a comprehensive understand of all jobs in all location as admin then you need the following setup.

  • Step 1 : Create Different Zones for different Location
  • Step 2: Assign employees to the specific zone
  • Step3: Create Zone specific role
  • Step3: Go to Permission and select permission for the zone specific role and Check Zones checkbox under Schedule.

Create Zones

Go to Configuration-> Service Setting-> Zone. Create Zone. Add meaningful name for the zone that will help you identify the office location. It could be short address or any names for you to understand the location.

Associate zip codes for the zone. If you don’t have all zip code, you can just put one.


Do not delete the Company Default Zone. This zone is the default zone of your company.

Assign Employee to Zone

Go to Configuration->Admin->Company Users. Select an employee to edit. Assign the appropriate zone for the employee from the Default Working Zone dropdown.

Create Zone Specific Role

Go to Configuration->Admin->Role. Create role for different zones. Name the role meaningfully , so it is easy for you to understand later. In the following example the Role Name is South West Admin, so we can understand this will be the admin of zone southwest.

You can create multiple role for a zone. Like South West Admin, South West Tech, South West Sales etc.

Set Permission for Role

Go To Configuration->Admin->Permission. Select the appropriate role and set other relevant permission along with the Zone permission. The Zone has to be checked so that when this employee logs in they can see ONLY their zone specific data.

Where do they see zone specific data?

  1. In Schedule Board – all views. Month, week, day view, staff view, Time Slot view
  2. Optimization: You can only optimize people within your zone
  3. Job Assignment: Wherever you assign jobs from , it will only show you your zone specific employees.
  4. Mobile App: You will see jobs from your zone only.