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UI Update – Customer Page

We’ve recently updated how to view your customers within the Customer View page! Here’s what you can expect to see when logging into your ServiceWorks account:

New Options for the Action button

The ability to create jobs, recurrences, eBlasts, SMS Blasts, and merging customers is now nested within the Action button drop down, making it easier to locate all of these functions within our newest UI update

Additional Options for Searching Customers

You’ll now have the ability to search your list of customers by the customer’s address. In addition, you can now filter your results by Custom Fields by clicking the Advanced tab. You’ll also find the Red Flag and Show InActive Customer filter options here as well

New Placement of Lead Statuses

Similar to the Jobs page, your customer lead statuses have been placed above your list of customers. You can click on the drop down to filter by specific statuses, or you can click on the status to pull up customers with that status assigned.

We hope these new improvements help streamline your ServiceWorks experience. Stay tuned for more updates to our software in the near future!

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