Ideas to Build Your Handyman Business

Ideas to Build Your Handyman Business

What started as a side hustle for friends and family has begun to gain more traction and is now becoming a full-fledged handyman business (or handywoman business). Today we will discuss some ideas for growing it into a lucrative business and look at a few things that go into a successful business: marketing and management.

Marketing tactics

First, let’s talk about marketing. You may be surprised that quality work will only get you so far in the business world and that marketing your handyman business is crucial to its success. So let’s look at ways to market your business that are accessible to almost everyone. Many options listed are free or cost next to nothing, but they could have a big payout.


Networking is essential when running a business; here are a few great networking places. Let everyone know you’re in the market for this kind of work, and remember those business cards.

  • Trade shows: Home shows are a great way to network and keep up on the latest products and trends in home improvement, which may eventually need home repair.
  • Community business organizations:  Local Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club are an excellent way to connect with other business owners.
  • Local charities or causes: For example, your local Special Olympics or high school basketball team.


Believe it or not, old-fashioned flyers still work. Especially with the older generations who are not online and need to learn what social media is. So it is worthwhile to put out flyers in communities with many retirees and senior living situations.

Email lists

Ensure you get every customer’s email to compose and send out a newsletter; it is a great way to connect with customers on a bigger scale. 

Online listings

Most marketing is online these days; how convenient to have any info you could want in the palm of your hand. First and foremost, make sure you have your free business listing up on Google and Yelp. Then, you should ensure you have listings set up on Craigslist, Angi, and Thumbtack, as well as any that may be local to your area.

Social Media

Let’s face it. Social media is what most people use for communication right now. Being active on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter is essential for most businesses today. Also, it’s free! Unless, of course, you’re paying for extra advertising. If you want more tips on using social media to enhance your business check out this article.

Online Neighborhood groups 

For example, if you lived in NYC in the Bronx, you may find a Facebook group for that particular neighborhood. It mostly just requires searching in the Facebook application search engine keywords like “Bronx” and joining these groups. Also check out Nextdoor, an app that specifically helps people discover new businesses and more in their neighborhood.

Business Ideas

When running your own business, it’s not only essential to put yourself out there, but it’s also important to be organized and reliable. Here are some tips on how you can be a stand-out business owner.


Keep track of income, expenses, receipts, and other noteworthy items, not only for taxes but also to wager profitability in your growing business.


Make sure you have a dependable way of keeping track of appointments so you are on time. Whether it’s Google calendar or an old-fashioned appointment book, staying on track and being on time are integral to the success of any business.

Contact management 

Organizing client contact info like addresses, phone numbers, and emails are necessary.


Make taking payments as easy as possible for your clients by offering payment options with credit cards, Venmo or PayPal.

Optimizing work routes 

Once your workload thickens, you want to determine the most efficient routes on your service schedule for the day. Optimization saves time, money, and wear on the company vehicle.

Fortunately, there are many software programs out there that can help. From bookkeeping to optimizing your work routes for maximum efficiency, programs like ServiceWorks can take your handyman business to the next level.

Time to level up your handyman business

To recap, we talked about marketing and networking, the importance of social media, and utilizing resources at your fingertips. We also covered the administrative side of the business, and how important it is to be reliable and organized.
Now that you have a clear picture of what it takes to uplevel your handyperson business, you may want to manage things yourself while your business is growing. ServiceWorks can help with everything from keeping client contacts and schedules organized and routes optimized to follow-up customer surveys. Plus, there is also the no-risk ServiceWorks 14-day free trial.