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9 Tips for Maid Service Customer Satisfaction

9 Tips for Maid Service Customer Satisfaction

The competition can be fierce in a market with a lot of saturation of businesses offering the same products and services, such as maid service. Working on your maid service customer satisfaction and quality can be helpful to have an edge over the competition. Customer satisfaction measures how happy your customers are with the service they receive. Customers will be more likely to return and recommend you to other potential customers when satisfied with the services provided. 

Today we are going to list some ways you can clean up your customer satisfaction so it’s spic and span.

  1. Clear and concise communication. Be clear in your communication with your customers about what services are and are not included in your pricing. Listing out what customers can expect as far as long a service will take, any prep work that can be done to make everyone’s life easier, and itemized pricing make it easy for the customer to understand the final cost and ultimately leads to customer satisfaction when there’s no surprises or hidden costs.
  1. Go beyond what’s expected with your customer service skills. Be prompt, respectful, and proactive in your customer service. Value their time by responding to emails or phone calls within 24 hours and not leaving them on hold for more than a few moments. Use your manners besides please and thank you, take a genuine interest in their concerns, ask questions, and listen respectfully without interruption. Try to offer valuable and proactive solutions to inquiries or problems.
  1. Provide outstanding performance on the job. Make sure your employees are doing a top-notch job cleaning. One way is to provide a checklist of everything they need to do as they clean each job. Also, ensure they have adequate cleaners and cleaning tools to ensure the job is done thoroughly, efficiently, and adequately.
  1. Streamline your operations. Make it nearly effortless for your customers to book appointments, pay bills, and more. Websites with features such as an online scheduling portal make it easy for clients to schedule cleanings and other services. The easier you can make it for your clients, the more likely they will return repeatedly. Fortunately, some apps like ServiceWorks boast an integrated online scheduling app and have the advantage of your cleaning person sending the invoice directly from their phone to the client. Your client can then pay that bill online. They eliminate the need for a paper invoice and waiting for a check to arrive. It’s a win for everyone.
  1. Get feedback. Always ask for feedback after a service is completed. This is how you can improve your maid service customer satisfaction and find out what areas need improvement and which are the strongest. ServiceWorks has a built-in feature that can be formulated to send out customer satisfaction surveys automatically after each service is completed.
  1. Be predictable. Provide reliable and predictable cleaning services to every customer so they gain trust. This is more than just the cleaning itself; it involves arriving on time every time, consistency in communication, sending invoices out, services provided, and more.
  1. Right your wrongs and apologize. Do what you promise to, correct mistakes promptly, apologize when things go wrong, and thank your customers for bearing with you. Customers will forgive an occasional error if you deal with it quickly and with humility, use their feedback to improve your processes, and thank them for the opportunity to make things right. Show appreciation for their patience and understanding, and use the experience to gain knowledge and provide better service.
  1. Treat your employees well. Treat your employees with the same respect and courtesy you show your customers. Discontented employees who feel overworked, underpaid, or underappreciated will lack the energy or motivation to provide excellent customer service. Your employees represent you and your company to the world and need your support (financially and otherwise), trust, and guidance to do their best work. 
  1. Customer loyalty rewards. One of the best ways to keep customers returning is by rewarding their loyalty. If you have customers who have hired your services at least twice, maybe you can offer a reward in different ways. These rewards could be promos, such as a discount for customers who will book your company for a specific number of services. It can also be in the form of gifts, like gifting them with a gift card or other small token when they re-book your services.

Now you know what you can work on to improve your maid service customer satisfaction. It doesn’t have to be daunting; with a bit of professional finessing and some help from an app like ServiceWorks, you’ll be the best in the local biz. Best of all, ServiceWorks offers a risk-free 14-day free trial to check out all its beautiful features. Like automated customer satisfaction surveys, automatic invoicing after a job is completed, integration with accounting apps like QuickBooks, route optimization, and online scheduling to make it as easy as possible for your clients to book services with ease. You’ll keep current customers who may recommend your business to potential customers.


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