Release Notes

Weekly Update: February 7th, 2023

System Patches and Updates for February 7th, 2023

The following issues/patches/updates were addressed in our latest update to ServiceWorks:

  • Job/Estimates
    -Issue where custom fields formatting was off
    -Deleting customers now comes with the option to delete all associated jobs
    -Addressed issues where estimations were missing from Estimate view
    -Resolved issue with deleted jobs still displaying in optimization
  • Instant Booking
    -Disclaimers now appear on the payment screen of instant booking
    -Added “Show Tax Breakup” to instant booking settings, displaying all taxes applied individually
  • Customer Settings
    -Resolved issue where customer phone number search was inoperable
  • Messaging
    -Addressed issues with SMS reminders not being sent to the correct phone numbers
    -Country code entry no longer causes issues when sending SMS or Robocalls
    -Fixed issue where recent customer chats were not displaying
    -Addressed issue with page break being added to SMS notifications
    -Corrected problem where outgoing messages were triggering the new incoming message notification
    -Resolved issue where mobile confirmation did not cause scheduled job status to change
  • Statements
    Statements now show the total amount collected for each month
  • Miscellaneous
    Addressed problem with company logo missing from Print Tickets
    Addressed issues with customers not appearing in Cancelled Customer Report
    Broadcast added to Notification Templates
    Additional visibility customization has been added to Customer Portal
    Resolved issue with entering decimal amounts into inventory
    Inventory history now shows the full date for POS transactions

We update ServiceWorks over a weekend when a patch or update will also affect the mobile app. This prevents our customers from getting an update notice on their mobile devices when starting their workday. Please look for our Maintenance Notification Emails. Please note, the morning after a promotion to the system you may see some temporary slowness when first logging into your account. This will clear up quickly as your system takes in the new updates

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