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Skill-Based Broadcasting

Utilizing skill-based broadcasting can assist in the automation of scheduling individual technicians, teams, and third-party contractors based on their assigned skills for broadcasted jobs. Here’s a brief tutorial on how to do this within your ServiceWorks account

To begin, create a new job or open an existing one, then scroll down to the Job Information section

Using the Add Skill field, enter in the names of the desired skill requirements you wish to add the to the job. Once finished, click the + Add link and your skills should appear beneath the entry field as a tag, signifying that it has been added to the ticket. For this example, we’re adding the HVAC Certified skill as a requirement for the job. Click Save Job Information to continue

Once the tags have been saved to the ticket, locate and click the Broadcast link at the bottom of the browser window

In the broadcast menu, you’ll have the following options for broadcasting your jobs to available technicians:


Using the search function, you can find and filter your results based on a technician’s assigned zone, name, address, zip, city, state, matching skills or availability.

Technician List

As you use the previous search feature, the technician view will change based on the search criteria. You can use the Select All checkbox to select all technicians in the view, or use the Select All Third Party, Select All Employee, or Select All Team to broadcast the job to a specific user group. You can also select individual employees, teams, or contractors for the broadcast, so feel free to use this as your business needs arise.

Once satisfied with your employee selection, click Submit to broadcast the jobs to your technicians. Once a technician accepts a broadcast job, a notification will be created with the information of the assignment

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