Release Notes

Release Notes January 2022

  1. Ability to add multiple pre-defined products to a job with one click
  2. Track time of every technician and see their actual mileage
  3. Change schedule of multiple jobs from All Jobs Page
  4. Add multiple trips as recurring pattern
  5. New Report: POS Daily Usage
  6. New Report: Customer Trip History

Add Multiple Pre-Defined product

Apt 101 has 4 pre-defined products- washer, dishwasher, refrigerator and heater air.

When you go for a service, you may not know which all products you need to offer services for. While creating a job from the admin portal you can pre-select all these products to the job.

Click the Mapped product and a product panel with all the associated products will open up.

Select All and click Use Multiple Product and all the products will be added to the job. It will copy over all the attributes of the product like model, serial number, identification, expiry date etc. You can update these values in this job but this will not update the master product association.

Your field technician can now go to the job and only work on what’s needed and remove the rest if it’s not required from the mobile app.

Track time of every technician and see their actual mileage

You can now see the enroute, arrived and completion time of each technician. Assign multiple techs and then save the schedule. Navigate to Prof Action tab for that schedule.

This box will show you the actual time tracked by the professional from the field and also show the actual miles traveled (provided you have the right plan and permission). The admin can override any of this data or add data if it’s not tracked.

When job is completed, these mileage charge will auto populate in the commission section.

Change schedule of multiple jobs from All Jobs Page

In ServiceWorks you can create a series of jobs falling under different pattern. e.g., you can create a series of jobs that is weekly on Monday, or second Wednesday of every month or 5th of every three months. You can change the pattern of these jobs in bulk now.

First you need to go to the new All Jobs page.

Next you need to filter the Frequency of the jobs to the correct pattern that you are intending to modify. In this example we have selected the Frequency One Time. Read More

Add multiple trips as recurring pattern

A default or first schedule is added as soon as you create a job. Now you will have the ease to add multiple schedules or trips for the same job using a pattern. Click the Add Multiple Schedule link.

It will give you option to select your repeat pattern based on week, month or quarter.

Select the pattern you want, and the schedules will be added. You can save time adding the trip four times.


The maximum number of trip or schedules s you can add automatically is 8 for Weekly Pattern, 12 for Monthly Pattern and 3 for Quarterly Pattern. After that you can manually add schedules