Features Release Notes

2022 Feature Update

2022 was a busy year for us here at ServiceWorks! We appreciate all the feedback we’ve received in order to create a more streamlined software experience for all users. Here’s a quick recap of all the features released during this year:

  • Adding Multiple Products
  • Time & Milage Tracking
  • Mass Job Rescheduling
  • Recurring Job Creation
  • Custom Field For Job Types
  • Max Quantity Settings for Price List
  • Reorder Optimized Jobs
  • Custom Form Template
  • Permissions Module
  • Personalized SMS Notifications
  • Prepay Job Status
  • SMS Blast
  • Multiple Invoice Email
  • Job Custom Field
  • Automatic Job Status Change
  • Color-coded Job Timing
  • Change When Pictures are Uploaded to Know Issue Category
  • Customer Signature for External Payments
  • Payment Preauthorization
  • Two Way Messaging
  • Automated Tech Assignment
  • Internal Messaging
  • ROP Level Notification
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Inventory Item Tax Setup
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Custom Warranty Types
  • Sub Company Permission
  • PO by Distributor
  • PO via Mobile App
  • Good Better Best – Multi-option Estimate
  • Create Separate Billing and Service Cycle
  • Personalized SMS Setup
  • Clock in/ Clock out from the Web Portal
  • Bulk Change for Job Status
  • Adding Images to Invoices
  • Payment Disclaimer
  • Cloning Jobs, Estimates, and Recurrences
  • Open / Completed Job Filter In Mobile App
  • Inventory Variants
  • Calendar View in Mobile App
  • Pre-Selected Service in Instant Booking
  • One-Time Billing Option in Instant Booking
  • Saving Optimized Routes
  • ServiceWorks Integrated Payments (SWIP)
  • Multiple Team Assignment
  • Tasks in Mobile App
  • Manually Reorganize Route Sheets
  • Webhook with Zapier

And here’s a list of all the new reports we added throughout 2022:

  • Jobs byt Week Days
  • POS Daily Usage
  • Customer Trip History
  • Jobs by Customer
  • Customer Sales by Item
  • A/R Transaction
  • Projected Revenue
  • Sales Tax – Accrual Basis
  • Sales Tax – Cash Basis
  • Recurring/Non Recurring Customer
  • Jobs by Location
  • Tax Paid by Zip Code

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