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Report: Jobs By Call Source

What This Report Does:

Generates a list of jobs by the call source assigned and setup within your ServiceWorks account

Upon opening this report, you will have the ability to set the following parameters:

  • From / To Date – Designate the date range to generate the report from
  • Call Source – Designate the call source to base the report on. For all call sources, leave the dropdown box on the default Select option.

Once satisfied with your selections, click Run Report to continue

When generated, this is what you should be able to view on the report:

  • Job# – Displays the ticket number assigned to the job
  • Revenue – Displays how much revenue was obtained from job
  • Job Type – Displays the designated job type assigned to the job
  • Call Source – Displays the designated call source assigned to the job
  • Customer Name – Displays the name of the customer assigned to the job
  • Assign Date & Time – Displays the date and time on which the job is scheduled to be serviced
  • Visit # – Displays the number of trips taken on the job
  • Issue Description – Displays the text in the Description field of the job
  • Zip – Displays the customer’s zip code
  • City – Displays the customer’s city
  • Prof Name – Displays the name of the technician assigned to the job

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