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Here are some solutions to some common troubleshooting issues that may come about while using your ServiceWorks account with QuickBooks Online / QuickBooks Desktop:

Is the QuickBooks Online / QuickBooks Desktop integration feature included in our account?

QuickBooks integration is an addon feature that can be purchased and bundled with your existing ServiceWorks subscription. If you do not have access to this and would like to, please contact our team to have it enabled within your ServiceWorks account

Where can I go to learn more about QuickBooks Online / Quickbooks Desktop?

Here are some associated blogs with more information on how to set up your integration with QuickBooks:

QuickBooks Online:

QuickBooks Desktop:

What Chart of Accounts do I need set up prior to my initial synchronization?

Prior to your initial synchronization with QuickBooks, you will need to define the default chart of account types for the following fields:

– COGS (Cost of Goods and Services)
– OCASSET (For Inventory Items)
– INC (For Service Items)

Am I able to import my tax rates from QuickBooks?

All tax rates will need to be created within ServiceWorks prior to synching with your QuickBooks account. Created tax rates must match the exact name and description as in QuickBooks in order to sync properly

How can I import data (.IIF files) from QuickBooks Desktop?

In order to import data files from your QuickBooks account manually, you will need to first export it into the .csv format using a spreadsheet editor such as Microsoft Excel. Importing data in ServiceWorks will only work with .csv files

To do so, follow these steps:

Open the Excel file that you want to convert

On the File tab, click Save As

In the Save As dialog box, select CSV (Comma delimited) from the Save as type drop-down menu

Click Save

When I manually add a new customer into my Quickbooks Online account and then sync with ServiceWorks, it sometimes creates a duplicate customer account in QuickBooks. Why is this?

When adding new customers into your QuickBooks account, we recommend creating the customer either in ServiceWorks or QuickBooks first, and then synchronizing from within the ServiceWorks software.

When doing so, be sure that the “Sync from QuickBooks” checkbox has been marked. This way, it will pull that information directly from QuickBooks and avoid creating duplicate accounts

I want to add invoices I have completed with through QuickBooks into ServiceWorks. But when I input these jobs, the date paid shows up as the day it was added to the system. Is there a way to change the payment date?

To create a backdated payment, you will need to first navigate to the Customer A/R menu, search the name of the customer, and then select to process payment for the recently created job. From this payment window view, you will have the option of editing the logged payment date

When synching my invoices or payments with QuickBooks, it’s only synching some of my jobs. Why?

If you notice that jobs are being omitted from the synchronization process, be sure to check the job’s status. The synchronization will only work for invoices and payments on jobs marked as completed

How long of a date range can I synchronize?

Currently, the synchronization process for QuickBooks can be set for a maximum span of 30 days

Why does it take a long time to complete my sync?

On average, it takes about 25 seconds per record synchronized (payments, customer info, invoices, etc), so attempts to synchronize large spans of dates may take longer than usual to complete.

We recommend either synchronizing no more than a week at a time or to save the synchronization process until after your business hours as to not interfere with your services or functionality with the ServiceWorks software.

How can I see the results of my QuickBooks sync?

You can see the results of your synchronizations by using the QuickBooks Sync Result report in the Reports menu

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