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QuickBooks Online Data Mapping

This article will describe what data element from ServiceWorks maps to QuickBooks online elements.

Chart Of Account

This can be a two way sync. COA from QB can be synced to SW and vice versa.

QuickBooks Chart of Account

ServiceWorks Chart of Account

Set the Default value on for different A/C types so that you don’t have to define the COA for each Price List, Inventory Items. For example if you set Sales Chart of Account under Account Type Income or INC as default then all your services will be categorized under Sales COA. You can override the default value by going to each Pricelist and setting the appropriate COA.


Customers information is synced back and forth between ServiceWorks and QuickBooks.

Customer First Name + Last name or Company Name (Account Number)Customer
QB takes only 30 characters long name. If the name didn’t sync please check the data length
Address Type BillingBilling Address
Address Type CustomerShipping Address
Address Type BothBilling and Shipping will have the same address
Customer EmailEmail
Primary PhonePhone
Customer NoteNote

How to Sync Customer

Choose the date range in QuickBooks Integration page in Service Works. The customers created or updated in between the date range will sync,


The Job information from SW is synced to QuickBooks. Please look at the diagram below to see where the data is mapped.



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